Is Tattoo Camo water & perspiration proof?

Yes, it certainly is. Apply it, swim, be outside in hot temperatures, work up a sweat…your tattoo will stay covered for the day, or even longer. It just wears off very slowly. For extra protection against water and perspiration mist a thin layer of the Magic Shield Setting Spray over the coverage. This protective and breathable barrier helps with making it more smudge-proof and more moisture-proof.


Time to show your tattoo again? Quickly wipe off the coverage with our gentle, yet highly effective Remover Tonic. This oil-free tonic effectively dissolves all traces of the coverage. All you are left with is a perfectly clean tattoo. The Remover Tonic is non-allergenic and fragrance-free. Does not dry out the skin and is suitable for all skin types. And it absolutely does not harm or fade your tattoo!

Tattoo Concealer