The Ultimate Tattoo Concealer

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  1. Leeann Butland

    The service was fast & I had my products in just a few days. Tattoo Camo is one of the best cover up products I have used. It totally covers the tattoo & last all day just as the ad states. It's nice to finally have a product that works!

  2. Barbara Wilson., Chicago, IL

    My mom said getting a tattoo would come back to haunt me. Well, she was right! A few years back when I started interviewing for a management position at big firms, I noticed more than one HR person staring at my wrist. I realized my dagger tattoo was not helping. I used Tattoo Camo on my next interview. Feeling more confident I got the position. Now I cover up with Tattoo Camo for work every day. This is a product worth using!

  3. Chuck Clinton, Athens, GA

    Yes, I am one of those guys with a tattoo with my ex-girlfriends name tattooed on my neck.. Back on the dating circuit I cover it up with your product. Heck, I might have to use it till I find a girl with the same name!

  4. Jim Stevens, Las Vegas

    It was time to meet the future in-laws. My fiancé advised me to conceal my tattoo with her make-up. Did not work, could clearly detect that tattoo under the make-up. Found your website, bought Tattoo Camo . That stuff covers it up completely and even stays on the whole day. Even while sweating through that meeting AND in the Las Vegas heat.

  5. Julia B.-R. Allentown, Pa

    I just got married. Have a lovely tattoo on my breast. But with my low-cut wedding gown it did not look classy. My friend gave me her Tattoo Camo. It matched my skin color so well, and nobody noticed my tattoo. I will send you a wedding pic as soon as I get them.

  6. Gloria Lafont, Destin, FL

    Dear Tattoo-Camo. My name is Gloria Lafont and I live in Florida. Due to my age I have spots on my hands. They call them age spots. I do not like them, they are ugly. My daughter-in-law surprised me with your product Tattoo Camo. She showed me how to use it and I love it. You cannot see those age spots anymore. My bridge partners noticed my youthful hands right away!

  7. Charles Westoni, Baton Rouge, La

    Had to do some golfing with prospective clients. Too hot to wear a long sleeve shirt, I had to find a way to hide my tattoo on my arm. Looked on the internet and found Tattoo Camo. It covered up that tattoo so well, even a dip in the pool after golfing did not wash it away. Yes, I can recommend your product!

  8. Jeanette L. RN. Portland, Me

    I am a nurse and do not think it is appropriate to show my colorful little rose tattoo on my neck. I tried some make-up they say is good to cover tattoos but that did not cover up the color.

  9. Chuck McClane, Detroit, Mi

    I have tried the make-up of my wife and different stuff they sell as cover-ups for all kind of skin problems. Spent all that money, but received no good results: it showed the colors underneath no matter how much stuff I put on that tat! Sunday I sat behind my computer and found your great product. I have to admit Tattoo Camo does what I want it to do: covers the colors of my tattoo completely and stays on, finally!!!

  10. Bianca Barosa, Hollywood, Ca

    As an aspiring actor I need all I can find to get that an acting job (lots of competition!). I bought Tattoo Camo on the internet. This makes great stage make-up! It is thick enough to cover any skin blemishes, stays on throughout the audition, and does not sweat off.

  11. Marcya ( and Chrissy) Moore, Seattle, Wa

    Hi, I do have acne scars and am not proud of it. I am a mother of teen-agers!! A bit of Tattoo Camo on my face and I feel 100% more confident. My teen-age daughter has a birthmark on her neck. She tried my Tattoo Camo, liked it a lot, but it was not exactly the right color. So, she bought a different shade. She mixes it with my shade on the birthmark to get the perfect color matching her skin color. You cannot believe your eyes, it looks so natural. Finally a happy teen-ager, thank you tattoo camo.

  12. Celia Meckel. NY, NY

    My spider veins on my legs are “gone”. Thanks to your product I do not feel awful anymore when I wear shorts. Got 2 different shades because I tan nicely during the summer. I tell you a little secret: if the color is a bit too dark for your skin, apply some white body powder (talc/baby powder) as a setting powder. It really works!